Evia 15-17 May

Last time I visited Evia I had a blast but I was not able to fully enjoy the gravel it had to offer. I wanted to go again and finally the time was right!

My co-traveler for the trip was Wijnand. He had borrowed my other bike.

Due to some work obligations on both sides we decided to leave on Saturday around 18:30. This gave us the wonderful option to travel while avoiding the Athenian scorch. We headed towards Skala Oropou (like last time) Only this time the plan was to spend the night there and start the next day with the sunrise to head towards our destination.

We arrived at Skala Oropou and after a truly terrible pizza 🍕👎👎 and a couple of 🍻 we met up with Chrysostomos for a bit. He suggested the perfect place to sleep.

It was an unfinished building right on the beach
(across you can see Eretria )

Every so often we would hear some motorbike or car wiz by but it quieted down after 12:00

The next morning i woke up next to a mummy.

Not a bad view to wake up to
our destination

We headed North towards Chalkida. We crossed into Evia from the suspension bridge.

We made our way to Eretria and from there on we started climbing towards Gymno and Seta. The Greek Gravel had started to reveal itself more and more.

We specifically chose some backroads in order to have more unpaved surfaces

The weather was great at 26C and a breeze that was just enough.

As we where climbing a Harley bike club passed us, they cheered us on as they where passing

Wijnand having a drink with Mtn.Dirfy in the back

Just before Seta we decided to grab something to eat. There we saw the bikers having their lunch. Once they saw us they started congratulating us. They asked for our plans which we shared with them.

Nothing better than an empty road

On my research, I saw that close by was a waterfall that we had planned to visit.

(However the proper way to go is here so if you plan on going don’t make the same mistake we did)

Being defeated by poor planning, we decided to backtrack our route and refresh our-selves at a creek we had spotted earlier. It was ideally located on the start of our gravel section.

No wind during a climb results in a very sweaty cyclist #calsiumNioras

This is the view from Profitis Ilias Church

cyclist on a rural road 4

We had planned to camp so distance after the church.

fixing the campfire

Having extinguished the fire we went to sleep.

We woke up at 5:15 as we had to pack up and be back at Athens before 14:00.

We had to cover ~110Km.

coffee over a camp fire
Wijnand having coffee over the fire

That’s when the gravel got seriously good.

cyclist on a rural road
cyclist on a rural road 3
cyclist on a rural road 2
cyclist on a rural road
Cyclist overlooking the landscape
Gravel Cyclist Climbing
going down a hairpin

After going down the switchbacks the route was mostly paved…

bike on a brige

We road along the coast to Eretria where we crossed and headed back to Athens.