Gravel Routes Around Athens

Athens has some really prime sports for gravel the only downside to this that I am yet to find a nice looong route. if you are looking for something short and sweet. ΑΘΝ has you covered!

Athens is a basin surrounded by Mountains so any direction you decide to ride to , you will probably find a mountain(except south!!) On this post I will focus on the three major spots also known as three peaks. There you are most likely to have a good time and shred.


For simplicity all the routes listed below, start from the moment your tire would touch the dirt

More of an inspiration than a guide


Hymettus is the go to for road bikes it is right next to the center and it is always a good spot.

Things to Consider

  1. To my knowledge there is no drinking water so make sure to bring enough
  2. The Terrain can get quite Rocky be prepared


Having a water source so accessible makes an excellent opportunity to plan loops around

Things To Consider

  • water available
  • no tree cover
  • can get quite dusty in the summer months


The Mecca for gravel riding in Athens

Things To Consider

  • water available but you should plan ahead
  • some tree cover
  • prepare for all possibilities