Parnassus 6 Aug

It was the first Friday of August. While other Greeks and tourists had already fled to the islands and the crystal clear beaches, I had decided to stay on the mainland. Most of my routes have no plan, I just open a map, find a mountain and see if I can figure out a route there.In […]

Pindos 29 Oct

The Ride started from Elati a village in the Trikala Prefecture. It lies at the south part of the Pindos mountain chain, 32 km from Trikala city. I started descending towards Vrontero the plan was to reach Drakolimini Verliga a water-body at an elevation of 2039m above sea level about 90 km away. As soon […]

Evia 15-17 May

Last time I visited Evia I had a blast but I was not able to fully enjoy the gravel it had to offer. I wanted to go again and finally the time was right! My co-traveler for the trip was Wijnand. He had borrowed my other bike. Due to some work obligations on both sides […]

Dirfi 4-6 July

Day #0 We originally set off from Athens. We had planned for 5:40 departure but due to an unscheduled Morpheus visit to my travel companion we left an hour later. The plan was to get out of the the city via the road that passed by the old Royal Estate. We knew that the road […]